Triton Argo

The newest and brightest star in the Triton line features a massive 12-inch high definition touch screen display and comes equipped with a PCI and Remote Key Transfer Keypad, EMV card reader, voice guidance system, and electronic safe lock. Extra backlighting makes this machine quite attractive and user friendly.

Triton Traverse

         Featuring a sleek modern design, this model continues a long line of quality American-made Triton ATMs. It features

a high resolution 8" display, voice guidance,

direct ethernet connectivity, and a lighted PCI keypad.  The Traverse also comes with an electronic safe lock and a 1000 note cash cassette.

Nautilus Hyosung Halo

With its unique design, high definition 10 inch display, and highly illuminated keypad, this machine is quickly becoming a favorite in the retail ATM market.  It is internet-ready, PCI compliant, and comes with voice guidance, an EMV card reader, and electronic safe lock.


Triton RL2000

Equipped with a windows operating system, PCI compliant keypad, voice guidance, and the workhorse SDD1700 cash dispenser, this ATM was just taken out of production in 2013. It is internet ready and comes with a color screen, lighted topper, and electronic safe lock.

Nautilus Hyosung 1800CE

The Mini Bank 1800 CE features a windows operating system, 8" high resolution screen, audio jack with voice guidance,lighted keypad, and ethernet connectivity.  Advanced ATM Systems also includes an electronic safe lock upgrade, lighted ATM topper, and ATM signage with each purchase.


Triton 9100

This machine was designed for ATM owners in search of functionality and performance at a lower price point.  Replaced in 2008 by Triton's windows-based series, it is still a popular choice in the reconditioned ATM market. All units come with an electronic safe lock, VEPP or PCI keypad,and lighted topper.

Nautilus Hyosung MB1500

A top seller in the ATM industry for years, the Mini Bank 1500 was taken out of production in late 2009.   It features PCI compliance, voice guidance, and a 1000 note removable cash cassette.  This ATM comes with an electronic safe lock and lighted topper.  It provides simple and solid performance at a reduced price.